“Zero Waste” Festival

In keeping true to our mission, the Highlands Festival at Waterloo will continue to reduce the amount of materials going into the waste stream as we strive towards zero festival waste.

At the festival, you will notice “Zero Waste” stations where recyclables and compostables are collected separately from trash. To make sorting easier, vendors will provide food in compostable or recyclable service ware. When visiting our festival, please be sure to look for these stations to handle your waste. Volunteers will be nearby to help you sort the following categories.


What we compost at the Festival:

  • All food waste
  • Paper napkins
  • Paper plates and cups
  • Compostable plastics – utensils and cups


All bottles and cans may be recycled. Please empty the containers before recycling them.

Help us do it right and get closer to Zero Waste  this year:

  • Place all your recyclable items in the Zero Waste station bin labeled “Recycle”.
  • Place all your compostable materials in the Zero Waste station bin labeled “Compost”.
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle. You will be able to refill you water bottles FREE from the tanker provided by NJ American Water.
  • Only buy what you plan to consume.
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary materials into the event.
  • Avoid purchasing items with packaging that is not recyclable or compostable.
  • Recycle your festival program book at the end of the festival.