We are enthusiastically seeking craft and food vendor applications! Contact us today for an application:

Our guidelines:


  • Local Food: Food vendors are encouraged to offer dishes and portions that include locally grown or sourced foods. These could include: 1) fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey and maple syrup. 2) dairy, and 3) meat. We define local as New Jersey grown and produced as the first preference, and then expanding beyond the state to New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut as well as New England.
  • Affordable Servings: Our goal is to offer affordable local food, and therefore we ask that food vendors offer a maximum price of $7-$10 per serving or portion.
  • Zero Waste: Since the Highlands Festival at Waterloo is a Zero Waste event, all vendors should use recyclable and compostable utensils, serving containers, and napkins.

Food Court

The Food Court at the Highlands Festival at Waterloo tries to focus on all things local by encouraging vendors to provide a variety of natural, international, vegetarian, vegan, comfort and festival foods, freshly prepared on site and served all weekend.


The Marketplace will feature local vendors with products produced with a consciousness of ecology, sustainability, fair labor and social justice. It will also feature exhibitors and vendors that focus on sustainable solutions to everyday problems. Shopping options will include things like tea, honey, jams, chutney, jewelry, soaps, candles, crafts, pottery, re-purposed items and much more!

Cause Crusaders

Non-profit groups will provide information, demonstrations and giveaways to the public that about how their efforts help to heal and transform the world into a better place.


Interested in being a vendor at our festival?

Contact Jennifer Sneed via for an application.