A presence in the New Jersey area music scene since 1995, the works of Subcommittee are defined by rhythms, sharp horn arrangements, sparring vocals and guitar driven melodies, as well as their ability to engage the dance floor with their tunes. Subcommittee has performed at a variety of locations in and around New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas. THey have been featured in a multitude of outdoor music festivals, including Rampage on the River, The Bongo Bash, and The Hoboken Italian Festival.

Following a break from 2001-2002, Subcomittee rejoined to write and perform new material, including a sold-out performance in July 2003 at Lincoln Financial Stadium. They have also been featured at Giants and New York Jets home games. The members of Subcommittee ceased their performances in 2007 after roughly 1000 live performances to focus on other aspects of life, however, the band eventually rejoined forces to produce their third album and perform more live shows.



2016 Festival

Sunday - September 18th 11am-6pm

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