Quimby Mountain Band

In 2005, the Quimby Mountain Band got its start, while still in high school. They quickly gained popularity, which grew upon graduation as the band branched out and began performing in more locations around the tri-state area. From their startup performing “Basement Shows” in their shared home in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to now, the Quimby Mountain Band has grown into a well known group in New Jersey, popular in concert, and a festival favorite.

In recent years, the band has gained a number of followers throughout the east coast, expanding past Northwestern New Jersey, which has led them to host a number of performance and tour dates in Virginia, eastern Pennsylvania, and New England.  Their newest album, Quimby Mountain Band III has already received a significant amount of positive attention. This comes following national attention for their second album “Move On,” which had two songs featured on the Sirius XM Jam Station. In 2013, High Times Magazine recognized the Quimby Mountain Band as one of the Best Unsigned Bands.

2016 Festival

Sunday - September 18th 11am-6pm

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