Nadïne LaFond

Born in Brooklyn then raised in New Jersey surrounded by her Haitian family, Nadïne LaFond has spent her entire lifetime immersed in multicultural music, which contributed to regular, spontaneous dancing around the house as a child. Nadïne’s father constantly brought home new music from Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, their native Haiti and other countries in a variety of genres. As a teenager, Nadïne fell in love with Jazz and blues, which inspired her to experiment and start creating her own music.

Nadïne has performed as a member of, co-songwriter and vocalist in multiple bands before shifting focus to working on her first solo album. Her fearless voice, which comes from her many years as a jazz vocalist then back up and lead singer in a Pan African ensemble, rock / funk group and jam bands, coupled with her stage presence, allows her to connect with her audiences when she performs. More recently, Nadïne has been developing a number of projects that represent years of many creative ideas that represent and exemplify her classic roots and abstract sounds. Her original song, Train Jumps the Track from her first solo album, Wisdom Child, was recently featured in the Relix Magazine April/May CD Sampler for the 14th annual festival issue. In addition to her work in the music industry, Nadïne also works as a painter and mixed media artist.

Joined by Mike Tichy on guitar, Joe Vigliotti on bass and and David Freeman on drums, all featured on the Wisdom Child debut album, Nadïne and her band are exploring a storytelling style based on rich imagery with strong roots in rock, blues, jazz, Caribbean roots and world music.


2016 Festival

Sunday - September 18th 11am-6pm

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