Mike Esposito

Growing up in the sixties, Mike’s music was initially influenced by British rock groups, including The Rolling Stones, and later Jimi Hendrix, before becoming more familiar with blues styles and blues man Robert Johnson. Mike’s interest shifted and he founded the Lost World String Band, an acoustic act that toured the United States and Europe.

Years later, after becoming a family man and became rooted in a daytime career, his international performances became sparse and he became a thing of the past, Mike began working local gigs in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, as well as appearing in over 25 albums on the side. In 1999, Mike released his first album, Let it Slide, in conjunction with a bassist and drummer he had worked with in the past. In 2000, he released the Mike Esposito Trio Live and in 2005 he released Goin’ Down the Delta, which puts more emphasis on traditional blues and Delta blues styles, as well as ragtime.

Mike won two Dobro awards in 2013. The Reso-gat organization in NC awarded him with Player of the Year. He also was presented Favorite Player award by The Lehigh Valley “Dick Blattenberger” Dobro yearly award.  His music has been featured on hundreds of TV shows in the last 15 years.