Living History

Waterloo_Village13 7-10-10Waterloo Village, a beautiful New Jersey state park and open-air museum, has a long history of bringing joy to people of all ages, bringing the past alive for hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years.

The Highlands Festival at Waterloo, a Celebration of All Things Local, is an opportunity to see the living history of the Highlands first-hand.

Waterloo_Village12 7-10-10

Canal rides. The Canal Society of New Jersey will be giving canal rides on the Morris Canal. The Morris Canal was a 107-mile canal across northern New Jersey that flows through Waterloo Village. In use from the late 1820s to the 1920s, it stretched from Phillipsburg on the Delaware River to Jersey City on the Hudson River. It was considered a technical marvel for its water-driven inclined planes to cross the northern New Jersey hills.

Historic Buildings. The Canal Society of New Jersey will have the following buildings open and staffed with knowledgeable guides during the entire festival: Grist Mill, Blacksmith Shop, Smith’s Store, Rutan’s Cabin and the Canal Society Museum.

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Lenape Village: Winakung at Waterloo will have the recreated Lenape Village open throughout the two-day festival with a variety of demonstrations, games and story-telling.



2016 Festival

Sunday - September 18th 11am-6pm

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