The New jersey music scene is very wide, and very deep. At the same time, it is an incestuous scene, and often players cross paths in many different situations. Such is the case with Brother Buddha, a four-piece rock band made up of four of northern New Jersey’s finest players.

Organist John Ginty is a seasoned veteran, having recorded and toured with artists such as Jewel, Citizen Cope, Santana, and was a founding member of Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Over the last 20 years, John has worked regularly with drummer Dan Fadel.

Fadel has played drums with Shannon McNally, Neal Casal, Charlie Mars and is a founding member of Hazy Malaze. He spent several years in the central FL music scene working with the likes of Rob Thomas, Jason Ross from 7M3, and jazz legend Sam Rivers. Several collaborative projects later, (including a tribute to Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys with just organ, drums and bass) a few tours around the world together and separately, Fadel and Ginty landed back in Jersey again. When a buddy requested their skills for a video demoing some Vintage Vibe pianos, the two rockers needed some cats.

Way back in the day, Fadel was rocking the NY/NJ club circuit with his band, Scooby Groove, featuring Mike Tichy on guitar. As it is with true bros, Ginty, Fadel and Tichy never lost touch. Tichy is an amazing guitar player with a versatile rock n’ roll singing voice, who over the years also acquired some mean bass skills….making him the perfect choice to fill out the rhythm section for the video. An accomplished musician, Tichy played bass with the Mooney-Suzuki, can be found performing with Jim Breuer and very recently had an island jam with Jimmy Buffet.

To round out the band, they called on New Jersey guitarist Mike Lawlor, winner of the National Guitarmageddon Championship. Lawlor has performed with Bernie Worrell, Jazz legend Mark Egan and has played shows with Alan Holdsworth and Jon Herrington of Steely Dan. Ginty and Lawlor met at a School of Rock a few years ago, and have been recording and performing together ever since. One of the hardest working guys in music, Lawlor can be found on any given night playing with his own band, Mike Lawlor Banned, sideman-ing it for a singer-songwriter, or doing an acoustic duo…sometimes all in the same day!!

With all that history on their side, the players showed up at the studio that day with no rehearsal, Tichy and Lawlor meeting for the first time, to create music. The four musicians, friendships old and new, recorded amazing Vintage Vibe demo videos that day. The chemistry was unreal, the studio vibrated with excitement. It was so good, they began writing and recording every week, and now… Brother Buddha is born.